Priistas vs Ine? The Constitutional Revolutionary Party, like AMLO, wants electoral reform. Refuses to force INE to cancel


The PRI announced that in the next legislature it would propose electoral reform to counter that announced by President López Obrador. Additionally, Ruben Moreira spoke out against the National Elections Institute setting guidelines for repealing the mandate.

Mexico City, August 20 (However) Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) announced this afternoon that it will present in September an initiative to achieve a broad electoral reform In line with the new reality of Mexico, according to what President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador I have expressed it in recent weeks, especially in the past two days.

Ruben Moreira Valdez, the House tricolor’s incoming coordinator, announced Friday that the initiative would be a “significant” counter-proposal for CEO reform, although it would honor the austerity principles championed by the Fed. Government.

“We will present to Parliament a far-reaching electoral reform initiative, in which we insist on defending the independence and independence of the bodies responsible for the electoral function, but we will also address the popular demand for efficiency and austerity,” he said at a press conference.

The PRI announced its position a day after President Lopez Obrador insisted on the importance of electoral-political reform. In his morning conference Thursday, the president said he will ask a group of citizens and public servants to work on a project and it will be reported to the country before it is sent to Congress. He explained that in that group it would be who would know the matter, but also “those who were victims of election fraud.”

The reform, who hardly knows what the president outlined in his lectures, will seek to make changes in the two institutions that today control electoral processes in Mexico: the National Electoral Institute (INE) and the Electoral Tribunal for. The Judicial Authority of the Federation (TEPJF). That is, if Congress approves it, both bodies, as they are, will have their days numbered.

We need comprehensive electoral reform. So I’m going to invite a group of citizens who know this and who have suffered electoral fraud because they mocked Mexicans.”

From the National Palace, Lopez Obrador asserted that “fraud has been imposed in Mexico for centuries”, so “it is time to say enough and end all the simulation, with these advisors, judges, and forgers who have no authentic and valid democratic call.”

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This afternoon, Institutional Revolutionary Party member Ruben Moreira spoke out against the National Electoral Institute that set guidelines for delegating the federal executive in the absence of legislation.

Moreira confirmed that the Constitutional Revolutionary Party is ready to discuss the law to abolish the mandate in the legislature that will start in September, but criticized Morena’s delay in legislating on the issue.

We cannot allow the INE to generate guidelines because there is no law. This debate has a middle point, and it’s regular. Cancellations are not denied, the problem is that there are no laws. Morena had two years to issue and discuss legislation,” he said.

Today, the National Institute of Statistics handed over a document to the representatives of the parties in front of the institute, according to ReshapeIt is also suggested that political forces do not promote the revocation of the mandate to use public money.

President Lopez Obrados ruled to revoke his term during this Friday morning’s conference, accusing him of a conservative backlash against him by opponents such as Miguel Angel Osorio Chong (PRI), Josefina Vázquez Mota (PAN) and former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, by preventing the extraordinary length of passage cycles from being met. .

The president stressed that the opposition bloc is made up of “the people of the Malha and the people of the old regime.” In addition, the new federal legislature will have to wait next September, and he lamented that Morena and his allies lacked a single vote to make this happen.

We are facing obstacles. Yesterday again, opponents, conservative reaction, Chung, Josefina Vázquez Motta, Salinas de Gortari, who is still in command. They opposed agreeing to an extraordinary period to do a democratic exercise to revoke the mandate. It’s the world upside down,” the head of the federal executive branch commented.

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