Q4 and its unfortunate independence from the United States

Q4 and its unfortunate independence from the United States

It is also immoral, as the president is pleased that Mexican immigrants in the United States are saving the country’s economy.

Among the many state policies for independence from the White House, this government chose to vote in international forums in favor of Washington’s enemies. But he agreed to act as an abusive police officer against those seeking a better life in the United States.

A gray and bitter state decision will haunt in history (and in the consciences of individuals) the political group that rules Mexico today. Because the state’s decision that it has taken entails beating, detaining and blackmailing immigrants. Scenes are watched daily.

However, he voted for the dictatorships of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, from which most people flee (through Mexico) to the United States, because of the misery and lack of freedom in those countries, which is in his favor. Mexico Voice.

The United States votes against those governments and Mexico votes for them. In other words, Mexico is independent of the United States in this respect. But it counts on the United States as a wall against those who leave those countries starving. It’s disastrous.

It’s also immoral, because the president is happy that Mexican immigrants in the United States are saving the Mexican economy: “Our citizens are real heroes,” he said yesterday.

However, on the same day, his government had to fire immigration officials for kicking immigrants in the head who had been besieged by the army and served in a tray, until the officials kicked them in the head.

In 2019 and 2020, Mexico agreed to be Donald Trump’s immigration police so as not to impose tariffs on Mexican steel in the United States; In 2021, Mexico agreed to be Joe Biden’s immigration police so he could give him vaccines against Covid-19.

But this is insulting. Mexico does not need free vaccines from Biden. Even less so in exchange for the humiliating and demoralizing persecution of the poorest people, they are immigrants. Mexico can buy vaccines. You have money left for that.

The president himself said on Wednesday that he saved 1.4 million pesos in three years due to austerity from his government. Gee, can’t you spend it on buying vaccines from the US instead of accepting them as donations?

That would be an honorable independence, not an independence to support dictatorial regimes that expel immigrants from their countries and force them to cross Mexico. Are 10 Million Donated Vaccines Worth Overcoming Migrants? No. However, it is not very useful.

Because these immigrants were mistreated and detained by Mexico, they just want to do with their relatives the same thing the president praised on Wednesday: send money to relatives to help with their daily lives.

Their defense would be respectable.

More than defending Maduro.

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