Queen Letizia chairs in Vigo on Monday the FAO Conference ahead of Connximár


Conxemar 2021 aspires to be the catalyst in the face of the coronavirus crisis. Currently, it will be the first of the four largest hunting fairs in the world to be held, and it will be held at the highest level, with significant international representation, experts and the presence of Queen Letizia at the former Fao-Conxemar Conference.

The exhibition will take place in Evie from Tuesday 5 to Thursday 7 and a total of 486 exhibitors from 28 countries will participate, according to the latest data provided by the event organization. The international presence has been enhanced with 10 pavilions in Peru, Morocco, Ireland, Norway, Alaska, Ecuador, Indonesia, Panama, Australia and Guinea-Bissau, the latter two for the first time in Vigo.

As a prelude, on Monday 4, the traditional FAO-Conceimar conference will take place with the nutrition, health and benefits of fish as the center of the day. This ninth edition will take place at the Mar de Vigo Auditorium and will be attended by Queen Letizia as Special Ambassador of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) – the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization – for Nutrition. Presentations will be given by eleven speakers from Spain, France, Holland, Norway, USA, Chile, Uruguay, South Africa and Uganda. The lady of the festivities will be Beatrice Robles, a food technologist and science talker. Awareness sessions will focus on diet and health, nutrition and food systems, nutritious, affordable and sustainable aquatic foods from local markets, and better nutrition support policies.

Vaccine and PCR

Conxemar has redesigned the interiors of the exhibition facilities to adapt them to COVID-19 conditions. Mask use will be mandatory at all times and the site can only be accessed with a vaccination certificate or PCR done at least 72 hours in advance. Ifevi lanes have been extended to 4 meters to maintain the required safety distance and paths will be set to direct the movement of people. At the opening of the conference, in addition to the Queen, the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Louis Planas; Head of Xunta, Alberto Nunez Viejo; and Director of FAO’s Division of Fisheries and Resource Policy, Manuel Barang, among other authorities.

The 2019 edition – the last to be held – was historic with the participation of 748 exhibitors from 108 countries and more than 37,000 visitors. This year’s event, more modest due to the context of the health crisis, aims to revitalize the sector in the face of economic recovery and is the first post-pandemic fisheries fair to be held worldwide.

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