Ralph: The Problem Story of America’s Dog Looking for a Family

Ralph: The Problem Story of America’s Dog Looking for a Family
Ralph: The Problem Story of America's Dog Looking for a Family
The demon dog has behavioral problems. photo: Facebook/@theniagaraspca

Ralphie He is a cute little french bulldog who lives at the pet shelter Niagara County SPCAwhich is located in New York, United States, but don’t be fooled by its deceptively flat face.

An actual demon lives inside of him, or so the caregivers say because the pet has been returned to foster care on at least three occasions.

  • Thanks to the SPCA of Niagara County, we know the “criminal” history of Ralphie.
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The first time I brought back “Demon Dog”

Although details were omitted, the organization with the problematic dog in custody on January 17 said so Ralphie I got a family that has another furry one. In the dynamic of the adaptation, the French bulldog annoyed his “older brother” and was dominant over his humans, so they decided to put an end to the story.

With honesty in mind, the Niagara County SPCA posted a picture of the soft loin and warned that the next person interested in giving him a home should have “dragon trainer” talent; That is to say, he had enough love to give, but also enough firmness to scold the four-legged bastard.

Ralphie his failed training

To try and help him find a family, his caregivers decide to take him to manners and good behavior lessons, which doesn’t seem to go well, since the “bad boy” bites his teachers and defies their rules all the time.

On February 14th, the French Bulldog got a new human, who made every effort to establish a good relationship.

He adapted the spaces for him in his home and taught him where he should go to the bathroom, though because it was cold, the little “devil” decided it was best to poop on the living room carpet.

The “last straw that broke the camel’s back” was that the animal, brimming with dragon fervor, bit into his teacher’s record collection.

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The demon dog is back at the shelter, and in his next attempt to find a family, the Niagara County SPCA put their troublesome boy back into good behavior lessons.

Again, a human being who has enough patience to make the puppy adjust is sought.

Do you think he will?

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