Random: Scott Pilgrim vs. New World’s Cover Art is a parody of Sonic’s adventure

Random: Scott Pilgrim vs. New World's Cover Art is a parody of Sonic's adventure

Brian Lee O’Malley – creator of Scott Pilgrim – is trolling us, isn’t it. The new cover art for Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game features that the titular counter-boy is a familiar setting to many of us, as it is a direct replica of / a tribute to Sonic’s Under-the-Leg Icon from Box Art from Sonic adventure.

If you are a fan of Nintendo, you might know the game as “Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut“, Is the title given on GameCube, but Sonic’s first foray into the 3D world was actually an original Dreamcast game (RIP). It was the best-selling game on the console, no doubt due to the addition of the excellent Chao minigame, where Sonic learns the value of Parenting by raising a virtual pet.

While the Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game is remake Thrilling enough, we can’t help but find ourselves wondering if we’ll ever be playing Sonic Adventure again. We still have this song In our heads. You know the one.

Do you miss Sonic Adventure too, or are we alone here? Let us know your thoughts on the fast blue guy in the comments below.

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