Raquel Buenrostro at the G20 summit: They criticize the Minister of Economy for his attendance at Crocs

Raquel Buenrostro at the G20 summit: They criticize the Minister of Economy for his attendance at Crocs
The Minister of Economy was criticized for wearing “crocodiles”. | Twitter @KarmenMarcela / Ministry of Economy

Raquel BuenrostroMinister of Economy, attended as head of the Mexican delegation to G20 summit Which began yesterday in New Delhi, India, on behalf of President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, where leaders such as Joe Biden, from the United States; Emmanuel Macron, from France; Lula da Silva, from Brazil, among others.

According to the Ministry of Economy, Mexico participated in the G20 summit World Economy XIV And one of the most attractive countries for investment.

“The relocation of supply chains will define our country’s economy for the coming decades, bringing development and prosperity to all regions of Mexico,” the agency stated on its X account, formerly known as Twitter.

However, the federal official was severely criticized on social networks for the shoes she wore when arriving at the summit, which were… considered “shameful” For many Internet users.

The Minister of Economy arrives at the G20 summit Wearing Crocs sandals.He appears to be wearing black pants, a blue blouse, and a purple and gold scarf.

The federal agency published photos of the official; However, her feet are not clearly visible, so netizens claimed that they intentionally cropped the photos.

Users accused the Ministry of Economy of cropping the images to prevent the sandals from being seen. | Screenshot

Users on social media posted pictures of Raquel Buenrostro arriving at the event and greeting other officials, accusing her of not taking the event seriously and showing a lack of respect for the position she holds.

While others wondered whether the minister was aware of the type of event she would be attending, others considered that attending in these shoes would embarrass the country.

“Nothing justifies a lady at an event like this giving that kind of impudence. Dressing etiquette has a lot to say in body language and the respect one has for public office. Stop being so shy,” one user wrote.

Raquel Buenrostro has been criticized by netizens for wearing Crocs to the G20 summit. | Screenshot

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