RCD Mallorca does not rule out Hopi exit – Mallorca Sports

RCD Mallorca does not rule out Hopi exit – Mallorca Sports

Matthew Hope opened the door to leave Mallorca after not playing hard last season. The striker said in the Bild newspaper that he misses playing, which makes sense since he played five games without counting to the coach, he is a young striker, he also fell from the US team, and at stake is the World Cup.

The club has been open to considering his future as Sports Cope has learned. Last April, he didn’t want the player out to MLS.

Hoppe is by far one of the biggest signings failures that reached RCD Mallorca last year. It remains to be seen if all of this is attributed to the player or if he has not been trusted. Also, the young American striker was unlucky due to injuries, several mishaps kept him out of the team for months.

The truth is that when he was available he did not have the confidence of coach Luis Garcia, who did not have him. A potential referral or even sale has been raised on several occasions. Last April, Kopp said that several teams in the NBA in the United States, wanted to seize the striker, but Mallorca did not want to give up the player.

The class was played and although Hoppe was not involved, the club preferred to keep him in the team. Mallorca paid Schalke 3.5 million euros after the relegation of the historic German side, scoring six goals and leaving a good memory despite the team’s poor season.

The forward from Yorba Linda (California) expressed in Bild newspaper how he handled this ostracism: “The people and everything else on the island are great, but I miss playing,” Hoepe says in Germany’s most-read newspaper. In the article signed by Max Backhaus, Mallorca is mentioned as a “holiday island”, as if there were no people working in Mallorca, including Germans.

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