Michaela Sierra jumped into the water at the Aquatics World Cup: How her test ended – Welcome – 06/23/2022

to share Uruguay In the Watersports World Cup Hungary debuted yesterday and it was Michaela Sierrathe 17-year-old swimmer based in the United States who first appeared in the pool Danube Sand Budapest, where swimming.

Michaela has jumped into the water in a 200-meter breaststroke test in what was her first two presentations at the event which was traveled by eight azure actors, along with Sierra, Nicole Frank, Pedro Chiancon, Martin Melconian and Claire LyonAgustina Miranda, Maximiliano Bacote and Angela Maisa Cardoso.

In the 200m breaststroke test Michaela Sierra She stopped her stopwatch at 2’39” 05 and finished 27th in the general classification, which included 29 swimmers.

After participating in that competition, you will now see Micaela working again in Watersports World Cup Tomorrow in the 50m breaststroke test, which will take place at 4:40 am in Uruguay in heat 2, swimming across lane 6 of the Danube Sand.

After what will be the presence of MicaelaSierra in the pool, the heavenly participation will end with the presence of the open water swimmers who will compete in Lake Luba from Budapest.

Maximilian Bacot s Angela Maisa Cardoso They will be on the 27th of June in the 5km test and then, on Wednesday the 29th, they will compete in the 10km test.

Finally, on Thursday, June 30, Maximiliano Bakut will take a grueling 25km test in Uruguay’s World Cup final in Hungary.

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