Unaccounted for Ugandan official blames Rwanda

Unaccounted for Ugandan official blames Rwanda

This is Obid Katuribe, Public Affairs Officer of the Uganda Media Centre, who was dumped by Ugandan security men on Monday at his home in Kyanga, a suburb of Kampala, the capital.

His family was unable to contact the subordinate of the government office that coordinates the flow of information between ministries and other state agencies for two days.

Given such complaints, Ugandan news has speculated that it may be a case related to neighboring Rwanda, which in 2017 accused Kampala of harboring hostile groups and torturing Rwandans on the neighboring country’s territory.

The deterioration of links led to the closure of the border in February 2019 until the beginning of this year, after about three years, the crossing was partially reopened.

The head of Uganda’s media center, Ofuno Obondo, wrote on Twitter the day before that Obaid was under security protection due to the alleged threats against him, about which he said he had not yet received details.

Obondo added, that they assured me that he is fine and not in detention, which so far presented the Rwandan government’s indictments against him and other officials for his participation in propaganda work against Kagame, who was here last month after four years of absence. .

Local newspapers quoted security sources as saying that the alleged arrest of Katribi may be a sign of progress in relations between the two countries that have recovered since the beginning of this year.

The new bilateral dynamic was directly involved in the president’s eldest son Yoweri Museveni and the commander of the Ugandan ground forces (third in the line of succession in the armed forces), Lieutenant-General Muhuzi Kaynerugaba, who made two trips to Kigali.

These negotiations have already led to the dismissal of senior military officials who, according to Rwanda, were behind the torture of its citizens.

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