Recurring themes of bilateral relations between Mexico and the United States

Recurring themes of bilateral relations between Mexico and the United States

During his visit to the United States, on July 12, the President of Mexico, Andres Lopez Obrador, revealed to North American President Joe Biden, several approaches to the relationship between our two countries, the topics discussed were related to the protection and modernization of border crossing facilities, to the fight against inflation more generally. joint trade facilitation by accelerating bilateral trade facilitation and reducing trade costs. The Mexico-US-Canada Free Trade Agreement promotes the free flow of agricultural products without barriers, fostering innovation that boosts productivity and increases resilience, and helps both countries combat inflation and support vulnerable households.

During his meeting with President Biden, the President of Mexico asked the US President to regularize and give certainty to Mexican immigrants as soon as possible, many of whom have worked honestly for years and contribute to the development of that nation. He proposed arranging an influx of immigrants as well as allowing workers from Mexico and Central America to enter with temporary work visas inspired by the “Bracero” program in the 1940s and 1950s, and this new program would allow workers from Mexico and Central America to enter with temporary work visas inspired by the “Bracero” program in the 1940s and 1950s from the last century. The economy has been crippled by a shortage of manpower. “Those were other times, but there were circumstances similar to those now and we must draw good lessons from that politics because history is the teacher of life.” The President of the United States replied that dealing with immigration is a common continental challenge between his country and Mexico. “The issue of immigration has reached historic levels here in the hemisphere, and it is an issue that affects not only the United States, but also Mexico, because it is also one of the destinations of choice for immigrants.”

The topic of migration or human mobilization flows has existed since the dawn of his life on this planet. Man seeks better living conditions and thus changes or migrates constantly.

The reasons can be diverse, better climatic conditions, constant search for food, distance from impending dangers and many other reasons. Thus migration is an intrinsic part of human being, as is fertility and mortality.

Currently, ignoring the numerous historical precedents, we have witnessed how thousands of immigrants from the Middle East, fleeing from endless wars, stormed the Turkish, Greek, Italian and Roman borders, in short, the borders of the whole of Europe. Like the waves of North Africans, they did the same.

The response and reaction of the receiving countries were different. We find rejection and borders surrounded by barbed wire that prevent entry. For a brotherly and humane welcome.

Civil wars, international conflicts, ethnic unrest, racial discrimination, religious intolerance, environmental degradation, economic imbalances, extreme poverty or the search for better standards of living have caused millions of people to leave their places of origin, with direct effects on the societies and economies of the receiving countries.

In these times we are witnessing the arrival of convoys of immigrants seeking stability in our lands and others to cross the national territory to go to the border with the United States to try The American dream.

A few days ago, 50 immigrants who died of suffocation, 22 of them of Mexican origin, were abandoned in Texas, in the sun, locked inside a trailer in a hot climate where the temperature at this time reaches 40 degrees. Celsius in the shade.

Given the situation in which our country is immersed, it is essential that we bring awareness in society that an immigrant, regardless of his documented or undocumented status, should be treated with dignity and respect. This includes the protection of their lives, liberty and personal safety, as well as the right to treat their families with respect for their dignity, regardless of their gender, religion, language, culture or skin color.

Failure to do so exposes us morally to the current government of the United States, where rulers such as Abbot de Taxas are taking the issue of the border wall – he said – to stop the immigration of thousands of Mexicans, Central Americans and other nationalities. Seeking to enter his country, he still does not understand nor do many of his xenophobic followers. Immigration will not stop with walls or threats of tariffs.

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