Reporting work on the death of abandoned homes


In Spain, there are many inheritances that no one benefits from that leave empty homes without being given to their heirs, either due to ignorance of them or due to apparently no heirs. According to the National Institute of Statistics (Embed a Tweet), 4.8 million people live alone in Spain And nearly a third of women are over the age of 65. In addition to people living in single families, which are increasing, it must be added that immigrants from countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom or France also live in Spain who have acquired property and on some occasions, their origins in our country may end up being forgotten and abandoned when they die. .

According to the Hereda Group (Embed a Tweet), Which was defined as “the first Spanish company in the genealogy of inheritance” to these cases, we must add the assets of banks, abandoned farmland, vacation homes, among other possessions “, with more than 200 million euros of lost assets and more than . 2 million empty homes On the death of the owner who has no known relatives.

Grupo Hereda asserts that there are many countries in Europe that to solve this situation have companies set up by genealogists and lawyers, who specialize in locating heirs and handling inheritance in order to hand over part of this abandoned legacy to their legal heirs. The company asserts, “In Spain,” “this number was not present until Pedro Fernández founded Grupo Hereda in 1992, the only Spanish company of succession genealogists to search for heirs around the world. Grupo Hereda assumes both cases are for relatives of the deceased who did not leave their ancestry Distributed as well as abandoned properties whose legal heirs have not been identified, as there is no transfer document.

Informants Award

When there are no known heirs of the deceased, after a few years the state becomes the one that inherits those assets. In the case of housing, one of the main sources for Grupo Hereda to learn about these assets in limbo are neighbors, bosses and property managers. The reasons for these clients resorting to these successive search companies could be several: Pay off debts of the deceased that no one is taking care of, and you wish to buy the abandoned house next door; Solve problems of unhealthiness, dampness or degradation; Avoid illegal squatting, etc. Notaries may also wish to seek common heirs for their clients in order to address the inheritance.

Firms devoted to this type of business claim not to charge for the information, but “on the contrary, we offer a benefit to the information obtained, just as the state does, but with one big difference: It is much faster. More than 95% of reported inheritance to the state remains without granting it. This is mostly due to the fact that there are heirs, so that the inheritance is not the property of the state, but rather it belongs to their heirs, who lose the opportunity to collect any prize from the informant, ”as they confirm from Grupo Hareda’s office, who adds that it is also necessary to take into account the“ long years that It expires until we hear about the aforementioned prize, which may never reach the end. ”Grupo’s legacy times for finding the heir and processing the inheritance“ is less than a year, so the reward is also quick for whoever reports this position, who, in addition to the benefit, will find the home’s location Abandoned thus avoiding the problems involved. “

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