Representatives approve the establishment of the National Center for Human Identification

Representatives approve the establishment of the National Center for Human Identification

full of The House of Representatives approved by 489 votescreated the National Center for Human IdentificationIts goal will be to help the state identify more than 50,000 bodies.

“The creation of the National Center for Human Identification will allow for effective research and, in the worst case, allow for the treatment of unidentified corpses with dignity,” said Deputy Nelly Minerva Carrasco.

The National Center for Human Identification will be an administrative unit with technological and scientific autonomy that will combine research systems with a large-scale or large-scale approach with the individual or traditional approach.

The opinion extends the powers of the National Search Committee to include, in addition to live search, forensic investigation for the purpose of identifying human remains and corpses from an individual or generalized perspective, through a large-scale or broad-based approach. Where appropriate, a complementary human identification and operation of a national center with jurisdiction throughout the national territory.

Its function is also to recover, collect, protect, transport, transport and analyze, for the purposes of human identification, human cadavers, remains and bone samples for genetic processing.

Through the National Center, the human identification information will be maintained, which, once processed, will be forwarded to the relevant authority and informed to interested families in terms of applicable legal provisions.

In addition, institutions under the three government orders, forensic or expert services, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, specialized public prosecutor’s offices and other relevant authorities will be required to provide information on the search for disappeared persons, including the identification of corpses and human remains in their possession. Under investigation. their protection, without prejudice to compliance with obligations relating to the protection of personal data and the preservation of public information.

Inquiries shall be carried out in no more than seventy-two hours unless, by their nature, they require a longer period, in which case it may be extended up to one hundred and forty-four hours.

In the temporary regime, it indicates that the National System and the National Law Enforcement Conference will have 180 days to make the necessary adjustments to the Coordinated Investigation Protocol and Symmetric Search Protocol, respectively, in accordance with this decree.

The minutes will go to the Senate for analysis and voting.

Forensic crisis in Mexico

According to the United Nations Committee against Enforced Disappearances (CED), the forensic crisis in Mexico is so strong that for the analysis of human remains More than 52,000 dead people are still unidentified in Mexico 120 years or more will be necessary, because forensic services are insufficient.

In addition, there is no general policy on the identification of persons in relation to the disappearance of persons, and many of the instruments stipulated in the law have not been drawn up for more than four years.

Carla QuintanaThe head of the National Research Committee explained that one of the significant limitations in the law is that it does not grant human recognition capabilities to the country’s research committees, which are subject to the work of other bodies.

“We find something, we raise our hands, the deputy must arrive, they take the remains and there we lose all traceability. Although the rule is the responsibility of the prosecution, we ask for information about the bodies and identities, But we received it very slowly from the plaintiffs‘, he warns.

For the commissioner, this situation is a reflection that Mexico needs “Think Like a Country” and progress in developing national identification capabilities.

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