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The Academy of Galicia has awarded an honorable mention to Professor Luis Carral, Polytechnic School of Engineering Ferrol Industrial Campus

March 04, 2023 . Updated at 05:00 AM.

This week the Royal Galician Academy of Sciences presented the 2022 Ernesto Vietez Cortizo Research Awards, at Pazo de San Roque, in Santiago de Compostela. These awards, which celebrate their 32nd year, aim to promote and recognize research in the field of mathematics, physics and computer science; Chemistry and geology. biology and health sciences; technical sciences; and economic and social sciences. This year the Academy has awarded an honorable mention in the Research Work Method to a project coordinated by Professor Luis Carral, of the Polytechnic School of Engineering of the Ferrol Industrial Campus at UDC. It is a project focused on using bivalve purification residues to restore marine ecosystems through the creation of artificial coral reefs. These green reefs aim to mitigate the degradation of coastal ecosystems, in order to increase their production in a sustainable way, as well as to adapt their design to the reality and the particular characteristics of each estuary.

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