RFET supports tennis in Zimbabwe with a project led by Martin Roca

RFET supports tennis in Zimbabwe with a project led by Martin Roca

Several weeks ago, the Spanish ambassador to Zimbabwe, Santiago Gomez Asebo, contacted the RFET to seek their cooperation to train the trainers in the African country. Finally, Spain’s top tennis body decided that Martin Roca, a proven professional in the world of teaching and expert in training trips, should be the one who, on behalf of the RFET, would go to Africa to do so. This training mission has already been carried out in other parts of the world such as Uganda and Cambodia.

In addition, this mission will carry sports materials and equipment to donate to teachers and children who attend these courses. The campaign, led by RFET, will depart next Saturday 19th for Zimbabwe. The result of this exciting 8-day trip can be seen on TVE “Tierra de Campeones” in the near future.

Miguel Diaz, President of RFET, confirms it “I had no doubt that this initiative made sense in the world for RFET. We are a leading country in training and dropping top players. I believe we can contribute a lot of experience and knowledge to give new possibilities of the future for young people and children to find a professional outlet in our sport for their lives. Learning to play Tennis or learning how to teach it gives you life tools for the future ».

So says Martin Roca, who is leading this project “It is a great opportunity for us, to return to Africa after 3 years, to be able to do our work with people who need support, to contribute our expertise in tennis training and, in particular, the RFET representation, who has always supported us, in particular Miguel Diaz, who was Always an ally to our cause. It should be noted that the federation provided us with an economic contribution for 3 years to cover part of the multiple shipments of sports equipment with which we help players and coaches around the world, for which we will be forever grateful ¨.

Martín Roca and Abel Rincón founded TennisAid in 2014, a non-profit charity whose main goal is to bring tennis to the most disadvantaged places in the world.

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