RIC Energy to build a 23 MW PV plant in Uganda

RIC Energy to build a 23 MW PV plant in Uganda

RIC Energy has commenced construction of the ‘Nkonge’ photovoltaic power plant in Uganda, which will have a capacity of 23 megawatts (MW) that will be the largest privately funded solar power facility in Uganda and one of the largest in the whole of East and Central Africa. a company.

The construction of this plant is scheduled to be completed during the first half of 2023, and along with this project, RIC Energy is also building a graded substation and 4.5 overhead line.


The plant is being built for The Xsabo Group, which will sell future production directly to the Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited for integration into the national grid.

At its peak, the project will employ more than 250 people, 85% of whom will be local labour. The operation and maintenance phase, which will also be carried out by RIC Energy, will employ about ten people.

The Renewables Group also recently built a 20 MW Kappolasuki plant in Uganda for the Xsabo Group, which at the time was the largest in East and Central Africa and enabled the number one supply for many families in the region to become 100% renewable.

RIC Energy, located on four continents, is developing more than 4,000 megawatts of photovoltaic power and has green hydrogen production, energy storage and hybridization projects in the pipeline.

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