Rick and Morty Season 8: Renewal & Release Date Latest Updates


In the realm of adult animation, Rick and Morty has established itself as a pillar of hilarity and existential philosophy since its inception in 2013. The interdimensional misadventures of an eccentric, alcoholic scientist and his good-hearted yet easily influenced grandson have intrigued a global audience, spawning a dedicated fan base eager to decipher the show’s complex narratives and hidden subtexts.

With Season 7 drawing to an end, anticipation is mounting for Season 8 of this critically acclaimed show. In this comprehensive overview, we delve into the past, present, and speculated future of Rick and Morty.

  • No Of Seasons: 7
  • Release Date: Not Announced
  • Language: English
  • Genre:  Animation, Adventure, Comedy
  • Where to Read: Hulu and HBO Max

Popularity of the Show

Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, Rick and Morty is much more than a whimsical sci-fi sitcom. The show’s brilliance lies in its ability to strike a balance between contrasting themes, effortlessly shifting from dark humor to existential dread.

The multidimensional travels of Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith offer endless possibilities for storytelling, contributing to the show’s enduring popularity. Over the years, Rick and Morty has garnered a massive global following and has cemented its place in the pantheon of modern animated classics.

Rick and Morty Season 8 Release Date

Predicting the release date of Rick and Morty Season 8 can be tricky as the official announcement is yet to be made. However, if the production continues following their traditional schedule and the series gets greenlit for an eighth season, fans could potentially witness the return of their favorite duo by 2025. This, however, is purely speculative and we eagerly await an official release date.

Rick and Morty Season 8 Renewal Status

As of mid-June 2023, the creators of Rick and Morty have not confirmed the renewal of the series for an eighth season. The status remains pending, which has left the fans in a state of eager anticipation, speculating the possibility of the continuation of the quirky adventures of Rick and Morty. But we expect the season 8 to be released around in mid of 2024.

What Happened in Previous Seasons


As we anticipate the future of Rick and Morty in the yet-to-be-confirmed Season 8, it’s essential to reflect on the preceding season’s key events, highlighting the intricacies of the narrative, and speculating on the potential implications for the show’s future.

Season 7 of Rick and Morty furthered the series’ tradition of intricate storytelling, imbued with a distinctive blend of dark humor, existential philosophy, and mind-bending sci-fi adventures. We saw the already complex relationship between Rick Sanchez, the cynical, eccentric scientist, and Morty Smith, his naive and impressionable grandson, further evolve and deepen, presenting audiences with a more layered narrative than ever before.

One of the most significant developments in Season 7 was the increasing independence of Morty. The once easily manipulated youngster is increasingly asserting himself, and his dynamic with Rick is evolving as a result. While this made for some intense confrontations, it also provided the series with an opportunity to explore the characters’ growth and the consequences of their actions in more profound ways.

The season finale left fans in a state of suspense, with Rick’s supply of portal fluid, the backbone of their interdimensional adventures, seemingly depleted. This development has immense implications for the show’s dynamics and future story arcs. The loss of portal fluid potentially puts a halt to their interdimensional exploits, introducing an unexpected element of vulnerability to the otherwise invincible Rick Sanchez.

Besides, the destruction of the Citadel, a reoccurring hub for Ricks and Mortys across the multiverse, marks another dramatic turning point in the series. The structure has been a source of several significant events and character introductions in previous seasons, and its demolition sets the stage for fresh narratives and developments.

These events culminated in an unexpected cliffhanger, leaving fans eagerly speculating the implications for the next season. Will Rick and Morty’s adventures be confined to Earth, or will they find a way to revive the portal technology? Will the loss of the Citadel introduce new allies or enemies? The resolution of these cliffhangers could chart the course for a thrilling and unpredictable Season 8.

In its seventh season, Rick and Morty continued to challenge its characters and audience, pushing boundaries, and disrupting expectations. As we anticipate the announcement of Season 8, the events of Season 7 have set the stage for new adventures, and potential dramatic shifts in the beloved series

Rick and Morty Season 8 Spoiler

Given the show’s unpredictability, speculating what Season 8 might bring is a challenging task. Will the portal technology be revived? How will the characters evolve? While we do not have definitive answers, what we can say is that fans can likely expect more mind-bending narratives and outrageous humor.

Ratings of the Show

The brilliance of Rick and Morty is reflected in its impressive ratings. With an 8.8/10 score on IMDb and high ratings on other platforms, the show’s excellence is undoubted. Its balance of humor, philosophical undertones, and visual aesthetics continue to captivate audiences, maintaining its high rankings season after season.

Review of the Show

Rick and Morty is often praised for its smart humor, complex characters, and rich narrative structure. It excels in providing social commentary disguised as absurd humor. The series continues to captivate viewers with its unique blend of sci-fi elements and real-world references, offering a viewing experience that’s both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Where to Watch

Fans can watch Rick and Morty on Adult Swim, the series’ original network. The show is also available on streaming platforms like Hulu and HBO Max, providing options for fans worldwide.

Storyline of the Series

Rick and Morty revolves around the escapades of Morty Smith, a good-natured yet impressionable teen, and his eccentric, genius, and often reckless grandfather, Rick Sanchez. Their interdimensional travels often land them in outrageous situations, leading to narratives that blend humor, science fiction, and existential themes in a way that’s uniquely Rick and Morty.


Rick and Morty continues to push the boundaries of animation, offering viewers a unique blend of entertainment and philosophical introspection. As we eagerly await the official announcement for Season 8, one thing is for certain: the fans are ready for another season of mind-bending adventures and the witty, sometimes poignant humor that Rick and Morty consistently delivers.


Is Rick and Morty suitable for kids?

Rick and Morty is rated TV-14 or TV-MA, depending on the episode, due to its use of strong language, dark humor, mature themes, and violent imagery. It’s generally considered more appropriate for teens and adults. Parents should review individual episodes to determine if they are appropriate for their child’s age and maturity level.

Is Rick and Morty worth watching?

Absolutely, Rick and Morty is highly regarded for its unique blend of comedy, sci-fi elements, and philosophical underpinnings. It has a high rating on many review platforms and has gained a large, dedicated fanbase.

The show features complex narratives, thought-provoking themes, and memorable characters, making it a must-watch for fans of animated shows and science fiction. However, its unique style and mature content may not appeal to everyone. If you enjoy deep, introspective storytelling mixed with humor and interdimensional adventures, Rick and Morty could be worth your time.


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