Runs for 2 hours and breaks it on Netflix: The movie is based on true events

Runs for 2 hours and breaks it on Netflix: The movie is based on true events

This production was recently added to the catalog and in just a matter of hours it became the most chosen by users.

Netflix It continues to add its products to its catalog that get people talking fast, as is the case with Battle of Kamdishan American film based on true events that is the most watched in Argentina and promises to continue to lead the rankings.

Runs 2 hours and breaks it on Netflix: The drama and action movie that’s all the rage

This new Netflix production has been added to its catalog and it’s getting people talking. It was first shown in 2020, but was recently added to the platform and since then it has not ceased to attract the audience and is already the most watched in Argentina.

Battle of Kamdish is an American movie directed by Rod Lowery and lasts two hours.. It is inspired by real events as it is based on US combat position Keating which was attacked by Taliban fighters. The movie tells a story 53 US soldiers fought in northeastern Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom.

Battle of Kamdish

The Battle of Kamdesh, the last rage on Netflix, summary

“During the Battle of Kamdesh, a small group of American soldiers at a remote base in Afghanistan must defend themselves against a brutal attack by Taliban fighters.”reads the review provided by the platform.

Cast of the Battle of Kamdish, a sensation in the film

  • Scott Eastwood
  • Caleb Landry Jones
  • Orlando Bloom
  • Jack Casey
  • Cory Harderect
  • Milo Gibson
  • Jacob Scipio
  • Taylor John Smith
  • Jonathan Younger
  • Alexander Arnold

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