Sample of Spanish films in San Sebastian with premieres

Sample of Spanish films in San Sebastian with premieres

The section is non-competitive and allows you to discover the latest films from national filmmakers, as well as feature films that have been in other festivals with some recognition.

The Zinemaldia Meeting, as it’s known in San Sebastian, will take place September 16-24 with some highlights, including the Donostia Awards for French actress Juliette Binoche and Canadian director David Cronenberg.

The Color of the Sky by Marta Ettura and Francesc Garrido, Made in Spain, directed by Joan Marc Zapata, tells the reunion of an important movie star and prominent philosopher in Switzerland.

Meanwhile, the closing film will be the first feature film, La casa entre los cactus, by Carlota González-Adrio, an emotional thriller about an idyllic family whose coexistence changes with the appearance of a stranger.

Another world premiere is “Between the Mountains” by Unai Canela, who confined himself during the epidemic for a year in a small village in the Pyrenees and filmed himself to show his relationship with nature.

San Sebastian will host the Fipresci Grand Prix for the Japanese film Drive My Car directed by Ryûsuke Hamaguchi as the best film of 2022.

The Academy Award winner was selected by a jury of 646 critics from the International Federation of Film Critics (Fipresci).

It was announced a few days ago that 13 films out of 350 submitted by 160 schools from 44 countries will compete in the short films for the Nest Prize.

The selected works come from Germany, Brazil, China, Colombia, Spain, the United States, France, Japan, the Dominican Republic, South Africa and Switzerland.


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