‘It’s My Time’: A Little Chaos for a Peaceful Life | From John Hamburg on Netflix

‘It’s My Time’: A Little Chaos for a Peaceful Life |  From John Hamburg on Netflix

6 – It’s time for me

(Metime / US, 2022)
Directed by: John Hamburg
Duration: 101 minutes
Cast: Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg, Jimmy O Yang, Luis Gerardo Mendes, Regina Hall and Taj Morey
Premiere on Netflix

Resumption John Hamburg Direction includes two great comedies of the 2000s. One is my friend Polly, where a highly organized insurance salesman (Ben Stiller) falls in love with this torrent of improvisation the girl in the title alludes to (Jennifer Aniston, time before Botox erased her expression), and thus, must break her self-imposed boundaries about what’s right and what’s not. Right. other, I love you brother, is one of the pinnacles of comedy, a genre stream in which the film’s protagonists, generally two male friends who share everything, are linked by a strong bond, and are more passionate and affectionate than the traditional genre. In it there is a man proposing to his girlfriend, and before her consent, he discovers that he does not have a friend to tell him the news. Not to mention someone who can take on the position of runner-up. Hamburg’s first feature film since then because? (2016), It’s my time She could be the ‘daughter’ of these two films, yet she embraces the idea that Nothing can be solved without education.

There are many points of contact between this insurance vendor and devoted family man From It’s my timeWho finds stability and peace in the unification of his days: routine and calculated as keys to the chest of happiness. They are a cycle of various rituals and occupations associated with their children, housekeeping, and participation in each of the school’s activities. There, among other things, he coordinates the talent show and the weekly meeting between parents. All this while his architectural wife works hand in hand with a wealthy philanthropist who loves giant tortoises, whose hippie vibe and pretty imprints remind us of the diving instructor that Stiller’s wife was with. my friend Polly I stayed in bed during the honeymoon.
But before that, Sonny (electrician Kevin Hart) lived another life. One with more adrenaline and an adventure he shared with his friend Huck (Mark Wahlberg), who plans to celebrate his 44th birthday with a blast similar to that of the twenties and a life governed by the typical drift of a leaf carried by the wind. He is such a weather vane and opportunist, that it is hard not to see him as a distant cousin of the very relaxed he was his friend. I love you brother. Although their ideals of life each have separated them for years, Hack doesn’t lose the habit of inviting whoever he still considers to be his best friend on his birthday, and always gets a “no” for an answer. But it is different now. With Sonny heartbroken upon revealing that it’s all about his obligations, the wife makes him an offer he can’t refuse: She goes with the boys on a weekday to her parents’ house so he can get the title and he can go out and celebrate.

The premise is similar to Permit passage (2011), by the Farrelly brothers, though a different development later: if forty-year-old friends had the green light to do whatever they wanted, but they ended up sleeping and enjoying what they previously denied; here there The mainstream sitcom focused on rebuilding the bond between Sonny and his old friend. A rebuilding that does not spare the excesses and setbacks that serve as comical embellishments, such as a party in the desert that includes a little dick and a doll with the face of a birthday boy, an attempt to vandalize the house of Sonny’s wife’s boss – a skull by Hack with muscles as big as his silly muscles – because he thinks he wants it and a second party at Sony house with different materials.

in his best moments, It’s my time Records, in the tradition of Todd Phillips cinema, How calm can turn into chaos in the blink of an eye, making these fathers a bunch of unhappy men who flirt with a lack of control in an attempt to channel the frustrations of puberty that are oppressive and very different from the person they imagined. At worst, it all comes down to each person hitting the credits after learning that there is nothing better than following their convictions and desires. All very nice…for a self-help book.

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