These are the actors who finished filming the first season of Live Action – Metro World News

These are the actors who finished filming the first season of Live Action – Metro World News

The penetration of Asian content within Netflix has been a huge success in recent years on the streaming platform. This is why the company wants to bypass its inclusion in its content catalog.

In this line, one of the most famous anime in the world, One Piece, has been developed, which has more than 20 years of broadcasting on various TV channels and broadcasting platform.

Netflix hopes to release its live version of the series soon with a cast of Young actors from the United States will be responsible for giving life to the most important characters of the series, which will include 10 episodes.

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Casting One Piece on Netflix

Inaki Judy as Monkey D. Luffy

The Mexican actor has a short career with credits in “Cheer up young people!“yes”Who killed Sarah?

Makino as Roronoa Zoro

The Japanese actor 25 years old Extensive filmography of more than 20 films and 23 series.

Emily Rudd as Nami

The 29-year-old American actress is best known for playing the role of Cindy Berman in Netflix Fear Street is a trilogy of horror movies.

Jacob Romero Gibson as Usopp

The the actor He has participated in series such as The Resident, Grey’s Anatomy, Five, among other productions.

Vincent Reagan as Garb

The oldest actor in the cast has a filmography highlighting his role Artemis in the movie 300, Eudorus in Troy and Kepheus in Clash of the Titans

In this cast will also be McKinley Belcher III as Arlong, Jeff Ward as Boogie, Aidan Scott as Helmbo, Elia Isorelis Paulino as Alveda, and Morgan Davis as Kobe

First appearance of the series on Netflix

In June, the broadcasting platform shared an aspect of the recording group where the series will be held, which has a creative direction Stephen Maeda and Matt Owens.

At the moment, there is no release date for the series, although many believe that it will be this year.

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