Samuel Garcia meets the US Consul in Monterrey

Samuel Garcia meets the US Consul in Monterrey

Monterey /

conservative Samuel Garcia Sepulveda met early Friday with the US consul in Monterrey, Roger C. RigoIn the facilities of the government palace.

Through his Instagram stories, the President of the State appeared accompanied by the Secretary-General of his government, Javier Navarro, as well as the Minister of Economy, Ivan Rivas, as they discussed the issue of open borders tourism With people who have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“Very happy, today we received the United States Consul in Monterrey, Roger Rigo, the most important thing is that the relationship with the United States continues.

“We are very happy to continue the business relationship with T-MEC, I was telling them that the Monterrey-Colombia highway is coming, that the Interserrana highway is coming, and that we will continue to work together,” he said.

García Sepúlveda announced that, now with the borders open from November 8, everything must be prepared in a well-defined, “accurate” manner so that the Monterrey residents’ trip to Texas is safe.

“I welcome all companies from the United States to Nuevo Leon. It is very important that we open the borders on November 8 and we must have everything ready so that it is accurate and well programmed and that the royals come back to visit Texas and come from the United States to Monterrey Also,” he finished.

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