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In mid-March 2020, the United States completely closed its border with Spain. Since then, school and university students have spent a year and a half without being able to cross the Atlantic to finish their studies, something that hundreds of young people did to master their English and experience another culture before Covid-19.

But the wait is over. On November 8, the United States will open the doors to Spain and 32 other countries, allowing entry to all people who want to travel for tourism, study or work, even if their stays are short-term.

ASTEX School Year Abroad Director, Anna Pedriro, tells La Vanguardia readers what to document for young people who wish to finish their studies in the United States.

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After Covid-19

What visa should I get if I am going to study in the United States?

During this year and a half of the pandemic, the United States has only accepted the entry of Spaniards who worked for an American company or students who have proven they are going to study for at least 12 months at a school or university in the United States.

However, starting next week, all students who wish to go for a semester or semester to complete their undergraduate studies will be able to enter on a student visa, which must be done in person at the US Embassy in Madrid.

Previously, the student had to request an appointment online at the embassy and choose an interview date according to availability. There, 5 basic documents must be submitted to obtain a student visa.

5 essential documents

Student visa


A document issued by the school or university confirming the acceptance of the student in the center. It is a certificate that informs about the length of stay and the place where the center authorizes the student to be under his guardianship. If it is a business visa, it is the company that must make this document. In addition, the educational center previously registered him at immigration for the embassy to accept him.


Form D-660Through the Internet, the student enters the educational center code, data, security questions, and the reason for the trip…


proof of payment of the visa fee (between $200 and $300).


passport complete and updated


Photography To get a visa

covid measures

Should I be vaccinated, submit a PCR report and be quarantined?

Upon arrival in the United States, the student must submit a negative covid test. If you have been vaccinated, you must also prove that you have been vaccinated with both doses of any vaccine recognized by the World Health Organization. In this sense, the EU Covid-19 passport is a suitable document for entry.

If a student decides not to be vaccinated, in addition to submitting a PCR test, he will be obliged to quarantine for at least 7 days.


Students who wish to enter the United States must submit a negative PCR test and vaccination certificate

Imperial College London / Ibb

freedom of movement

Online or face to face lessons? Will I be able to travel to another country?

Despite the fact that Americans are maintaining a safety distance, mask and other precautions so as not to get infected on their educational campuses, presence has returned to the classroom. Although some universities are flexible and may follow semi-attendance, as is the case with many Spanish degrees and masters.

Will I be able to travel to another state during my stay? naturally. Once a student enters the country, there is no distinction between countries. As well as entry for family visits, as the borders are also open for tourist trips.

US Embassy in Havana

From November 8, tourists are also allowed to enter

Ernesto Masterscuza vs Efe

Entry requirements

What level of English do I need to study at an American university?

Before applying for admission to a university, it is important to know the basic elements of what is required and what are the best institutions.

American universities always require students who do not speak English as their mother tongue, to test their level in that language to be able to continue classes.

TOELF and IELTS are the tests accepted by most universities and colleges from the United States. But it is important to check in advance which level tests are accepted at the host university and which ones will benefit me more than my result.

Prepare your English

level test


Online English Course – Level B1european institute for training and qualification


Advanced English course, Dyn Institute


Online English Course – Level B2european institute for training and qualification


What medical insurance do I contract with?

It is recommended to obtain medical insurance from a US company. Most often, the student’s destination college or university indicates the type of health insurance he chooses, or directly offers the insurance he works with.

US insurance with full coverage is usually about a thousand dollars for a stay of about 10 months. That would be $100 a month.

Study in the USA

What scholarships can I apply for?

Universities can be public or private. The offer of degrees and programs is enormous, as is the diversity of aid to fund studies. It is more economically accessible than universities are colleges, public centers in the provinces designated for the provision of higher education, as well as all kinds of formal and unorganized training courses.

Scholarships for athletes are the most complete and common in the United States, and there are many Spaniards who travel with scholarships to American universities during the four years of their degree.

Another well-known option in Spain is the scholarships of the Amancio Ortega Foundation, which after Covid-19, the program has resumed its activity by recalling 400 new scholarships for the academic year 2022-2023.

And if you wish to continue your postgraduate training, a Fulbright scholarship is a good option, although students must first demonstrate their academic excellence through a lengthy selection process.

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