Science and innovation for health

Science and innovation for health

Science and innovation for health

03-11 2022 13:09:59 / [email protected] / Antonio Jesus Matos Reyes

Author photos and SISA 2023

Havana.From May 8 to 12, 2023, the Fourth International Symposium on Agricultural Health (SISA) will be held at the Plaza America Convention Center in Varadero.

Under the motto “Science and Innovation for Health”, this space will, as the organizing committee points out, be an opportunity for academic, scientific and professional exchange, as well as a suitable environment for creating alliances between researchers, specialists and entrepreneurs from different regions.

At a press conference, Dr. Nivea Montes de Oca Martinez, Director of the National Center for Agricultural Health, explained that this symposium takes place every four years and showcases development-based science. He added that about 31 national projects and 17 international projects have been developed since the last version so far.

Science and innovation for health

It will bring together five general themes, including the interrelationship between health and the environment, soil and plant health, integrated health monitoring, risk reduction and management, knowledge management and innovation.

The meeting will take place under virtual face-to-face modalities, and scenarios where the results of applying good practices are demonstrated will be visited. In previous editions, the European continent had the most international presence, and representatives from the United States and Canada also participated in them.

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