Science-backed natural remedies, what are they?

Science-backed natural remedies, what are they?

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Most of us have used it Natural medicine When we have some pains, we get sick and we want to sleep, among other things.

We also turned to those thanks Advice from our grandmotherswho always knew how to solve things in a local or natural way.

Although there are many who usually use this, there are others who don’t think they work, so here we tell you what they are Science-backed treatments.

What natural remedies are approved by science?

  • Camphor to relieve pain

Another great component that can help us against it Pain Is it eucalyptus Presented as an oil, it has a morphine-like effect, as we have seen in the tests conducted.

It mainly helps with body aches, so inhaling its scent will help more than you think and can help even if we are suffering from congestion.

Mint has great uses and benefits, especially for getting a benefit digestionespecially when suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), although this mainly occurs with Mint.

So combining it with fiber helps reduce cramps and abdominal pain. As well as diarrhea, in addition to reducing inflammatory pain in the colon and digestive system.

It also helps fight pain, headaches, colds and body aches thanks to its winter plant, which has an anesthetic effect and can be taken in tea or capsules.

  • Turmeric for inflammation

It is one of the most popular products in Asia turmeric Which helps relieve the associated pain ignitionAccording to studies, it has helped people with arthritis.

Other studies indicate that it is just as effective as ibuprofen and that the best way to consume it is through supplementation rather than as a powder.

One of the most famous plants is a plant lavenderWhich has been very popular in its use, whether thanks to its oils or syrups.

This plant has many uses, according to some studies, such as fighting the Headacheanxiety, stress, sleep problems and even migraine relief.

So the best way to combat these pests is to drink lavender tea or resort to aromatherapy with essential oils, which you should always dilute to avoid side effects.

  • Ginger for nausea

One of the most common foods in our kitchens ginger Which can help us in various things like fighting nauseaDizziness, sore throat and even a cold.

The perfect way to relieve symptoms is to drink ginger tea with a little flavor of this ingredient.

It also stands out as an anti-inflammatory, as it prevents the formation of compounds that tend to become inflammatory thanks to the antioxidants it contains.


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