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Center scientists Riken For Biosystem Dynamics Research (BDR) in JapanThe marsupial was genetically modified for the first time.

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It is the opossum, and it is in the group of this type of mammal that it is most used in laboratories because it contains a complete genome sequence. Thus, scientists succeeded in modifying the gene responsible for the pigments to create albino offspring.

In laboratories, genetic modification using rats and mice is common because they lend themselves to investigation of biological processes. “We take advantage of the opossum’s similarity to common rodent models, such as the mouse and rat, in body size and reproductive characteristics.” He cites the study.

In this experiment, the experts used the short-tailed gray opossum (Monodelphis domestica), its native land South america. They transferred the fertilized egg to the uterus of a fertile female possum and obtained her young.

Then they applied piezoelectricity, in which certain crystals need to be compressed to make electricity flow through them, allowing the genome-editing injection needle to penetrate the hard, thick layer that surrounds the fertilized egg.

As a result, some of the offspring turned out to be albinos and their genes were passed on to the next generation, marking the first successful genetic modification in marsupials.

Some of the descendants of the experiment were albinos and the next generation inherited their genes, marking the first successful genetic modification in marsupials.

The study notes, “This study provides a basic basis for sites to extend mammalian reverse genetics to the metaterian subclass.”

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With information from the study Target genetic imbalance in marsupials

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