Security camera captures the moment a woman kidnaps four children in the United States.



6 dic 2021 19:45 GMT

The minors were on their way to school in Detroit when a pickup truck stopped them.

Wayne County Attorney’s Office, Michigan, Accused Officially on December 3, a woman kidnaps four underage siblings while on their way to school in Detroit.

On Tuesday last week, the two minors, aged between 5 and 11, were kidnapped by Stephanie Marie Pender, 37 years old. The woman was traveling in a pickup truck, and a short video clip captured by a security camera shows the vehicle stopping at the curb. The tree obscures the view of the moment of the abduction.

Soon, Bender red light ran The police forced her to stop. During the interrogation of officers Note that both women and The kids were nervous. At first, the driver said the minors were her children, but they shook their heads.

Police arrested Stephanie, who He has a criminal recordShe stated that she lured the children into the truck and told them that she would drive them to school. Bender has filed various charges related to the kidnapping of the minors, as well as driving stolen carand the imposition of a $5 million bond. The first hearing in this case is scheduled for next week.

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