Selling illegal consular appointments – El Sol de México

Selling illegal consular appointments – El Sol de México

Roberto Velasco Alvarez, President, North America Unit reported.

In a press conference, he stated that as a measure to end this illegal practice, a working group will be created that includes the Mexican community in the American Federation.

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This procedure is provided in response to complaints about the sale of appointments in consulates through social networks at costs from $ 40 to $ 200, depending on the urgent need.

Velasco Alvarez admitted corruption at the Consulate General in Fresno where collusion was revealed between a service provider employee who was scheduling appointments and the security guard, who had already been removed and the contract with them canceled.

He also emphasized that the relevant lawsuits were already being analyzed so that these events would not be repeated in any other representation of Mexico abroad.

He explained that most of the cases are managers with a monopoly on appointments, so you will now be limited to Mexitel and five people per person.

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