Cuban Rengivo Bronze in hecmeter and at the end of the U-20 World Cup Athletics Championships


Shiner Renjivo, Al Centro / Photo on Jet

NAIROBI, Aug 20 (Prinsa Latina) After taking the bronze in the 100 metres, Cuban Shiner Rengivo today took his place among the eight finalists in the dual hectometers at the U-20 World Championships in Athletics.

Renjivo looked great again and cut his best by more than 30 per cent, going from 20.91 seconds to 20.58, a time that undoubtedly underscores his excellent form in the Kenyan capital.

Once again with no odds favoring the specialists, the Caribbean sprinter tied his headline result of the year (20.95) in the first round, when he finished third and secured his place in the semi-finals.

Immersed in the introduction to the metal discussion, the Cuban starred in the best race of his short career to secure a lane in tomorrow’s Test and features Nigeria’s Ododi Onuzuriki as the top favorite for the gold medal, after slowing. The bottom of the hours is at 20.13.

They will also be in the starting blocks Letsile Tebogo (20.31, Botswana),

Tarsis Orogot (20.37, Uganda), Sinesipho Dambile (20.45, South Africa), Blessing Afrifah (20.49, Israel), Tazana Kamanga-Dyrbak (20.61, Denmark) and Jakub Pietrusa (20.70, Poland).

Similarly, Cuba got the seventh seat on Friday, with hammer player Ronald Mencia, who sent the machine up to 69.84 metres, breaking his own record (77.20).

Czech Jan Dolzalek (77.83) celebrated the crown, while the Greek subtitle was Orestis Ntousakis (77.78) and the third step of the podium went to Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Brussels (77.70).

Meanwhile, Mexican sprinter Mia Gonzalez was eliminated in the first stage of the 100 hurdles, when she was disqualified from the track invasion after stumbling in the second hurdle.

For Latin America and the Caribbean, Jamaica shined again thanks to the rankings of Akira Nugent (13.35) and Onka Wilson (13.36), with two strokes and three times of the stage, whose best result ended with the power of Switzerland’s Detaji Kamboungi (13.30).

Similarly, Brazil kept Giovanna Corradi (13.95) in the fight, who made the best mark of her life, while Colombia lost any chance with Isabel Urrutia’s farewell (19.43).

Cuba is so far seventh in the overall table, with one gold and two bronze, while Jamaica is eighth (1-0-1) in the tournament led by hosts Kenya (3-1-1), Finland (2-1-0) and Ethiopia ( 1-3-1) in that order.

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