Senior workers or why enthusiasm and talent have no age | It’s you, not your money

Senior workers or why enthusiasm and talent have no age |  It’s you, not your money

In 2015, Robert De Niro appeared on the big screen as Ben Whitaker, a 70-year-old widower who retired after a few years I wanted to go back to work. And he did it as a senior fellow in a start It is fashionable and breaking many taboos associated with work, age and retirement. Trainee with 70 years? They asked him in the movie.

Far from fiction, the truth is that there are more and more companies and educational institutions offering Seniors Scholarships. Aquarius, for example, has several versions of “unstoppable software” to Financial assistance to businessmen over the age of 60. A few years ago, the company published a study with Metroscopia in which 66% of those surveyed stated that their enthusiasm for doing new things increases with age. The same report also showed that one in three people over 65 think about it Start a new project.

Some opinions that are reflected in the numbers: Self-confident Over 65s have doubled in the last decade, reaching 126,727 at the start of 2020, representing 4% of all self-employed workers. Where is the trend heading?

Longer life: More seniors?

The current scenario in which we find ourselves “encourages” us to do so Stay active longer, albeit in a different way. As we have already commented on this blog on several occasions, the increase in life expectancy is a clear fact in how we live and interact, as well as in how we work. From the National Institute of Statistics point out that By 2035, one in four Spaniards will be 65 years of age or older. We must add to this that we gain not only years of life, but also health. In other words, we will live longer and we will make it more active and in better conditions to continue to do things. Is it reasonable to continue to retire at the age of 65 with all the years to come?

A few years ago we started seeing that in the United States they talked about how to work Jill Yu -generation UnreservedPersons who do not want or cannot retire and are still active beyond retirement age. The truth is that many people only think when they are able to stop working. Others dream of winning the lottery to quit their jobs and devote themselves to other things and there are many other people who are thinking of extending their working phase because they think that when they retire they will not have enough money.

And while the causes and alternatives are also different — there are different ways to make work and retirement compatible — the truth is that we’re reading more and more about Older workers.

Bearing in mind that there is professions It is by nature incompatible with the elderly, the great talent It begins to attract more interest from large companies. In fact, Randstad published a report last month showing that top talents have more initiative, more negotiation skills and are more suited to younger workers than younger workers.

They noted from the entity that “certain occupational competencies are found to a greater extent among older professionals, which is a notable differential advantage of the so-called top talent.” Thus, they explain that there are some competencies or soft skills that is obtained only with expertise This gives years of work.

Whitaker said in the movie that although his grandson had to explain what a USB cable was, he wanted to do things and learn quickly. Which is that the desire to learn does not always conflict with age. In fact, to reinvent ourselves and change carer Or work in another way continuous training And learning can be a great ally. the key? Desire to (re)learn to face multiple stages and change life.

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