Sensa to grow 30% in 2021 and triple its exports to the US and Mexico | America


Navarran’s Seinsa Corporation, which specializes in parts for brake, transmission, steering and suspension systems, closed the year with a 30% increase in sales over the previous year, after it tripled in exports to the United States and Mexico.

The company attributes this growth to the supply crunch they have benefited from and the strong investment they make in innovation, ensuring that “innovation is the only way to lead.” 98% of Navara’s sales correspond to the exports of 85 brands from 85 countries.

“We assess this year very positively and anticipate a better 2022, setting a goal of reaching 40 million euros in sales (about 45 million USD),” says Jose Antonio Espinosa, CEO of Seinsa Corporation.

The company is preparing at the beginning of 2022 to launch a new product, coinciding with its fiftieth anniversary, which focuses on brakes and will improve the range of products within its catalog, which already includes 16,000 references.

Similarly, Sensa has an expansion plan to grow by 40% over the next three years, doubling its annual turnover, which reached €30 million in 2020 (US$34 million), despite and reflecting the outlook for the automotive sector in general.

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