SEP announces salary increase for teachers

SEP announces salary increase for teachers

Delphine Gomezchief secretary public educationannounced that teachers in Mexico will receive a raise in their salaries starting next year.

According to Delfina Gomez, the increase would be staggering for teachers who earn less than 20,000 pesos a month and between 3.2 and 1% of the salary.

“The highest percentage will be for teachers who earn less until they reach a salary of 14,300 pesos a month,” Gomez said.

The announcement was made during the celebration of Teacher’s Day, chaired by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The head of the Social Equality Party thanked the federal government for making the effort and making the necessary adjustments to be able to award the increases.

“There is an increase coming for our teachers, and it is a very important and very necessary increase. It is the product of a great effort made by the government, it is the product of austerity that the government is doing.”

As it was announced, the federal government will invest more than 20 million pesos to achieve salary increases.

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