She buys a ticket to Chiapas, but Volaris sends her back to the United States without a visa or passport

She buys a ticket to Chiapas, but Volaris sends her back to the United States without a visa or passport

MEXICO CITY (Nearby) – A young woman recounted how she bought a plane ticket to travel from Guadalajara to Tuxtla Gutierrez, but was sent by Volaris Airlines to Seattle, US, without a visa or passport.

Tiktokermariajosega, better known as María José Gamboa, recounted that she paid for a round-trip flight from Chiapas to Guadalajara, but without her or the airline noticing, she ended up flying abroad.

“My flight was to Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas. It all happened in Guadalajara City. Now I’m still here at the airport (in Seattle). I bought a round-trip plane ticket. It was Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Guadalajara and Tuxtla Gutierrez. The problem was my return,” he said. .

She said that when she tried to board her flight to Tuxtla Gutierrez, Volaris staff checked her boarding pass and sent her to another row. She obeyed and got into the plane she had been informed of, but the seat was occupied.

They asked again for his boarding pass and told him it was no problem and they would give him another seat.

At that moment I sat and waited and they told me absolutely nothing. The flight attendant checked my boarding pass, again, to see my seat, to make sure it was correct and didn’t say anything to me and the flight took off.

“When I’m there, they give me the customs declaration and I’m like, ‘Why do I have to fill out this form?’ I had about two hours left to arrive and at that moment I found out I was going to Seattle.”

He indicated that when he filled out the form, he realized that they were asking for his passport information while he was not in his possession, and the flight attendant asked him how to travel, and he replied that it was a national flight, but the woman did not respond, so a woman asked where the flight was heading and they told her Seattle.

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So they gave him a piece of paper telling him that his relatives already knew what happened to him so they could be calm, so he started recording WhatsApp audios so that when he had a signal his family would know he was okay.

“Well, when I landed, I called my family, called everything, and a Volaris representative was waiting for me at the gate and said, ‘We have to do everything you can to get you on the next flight, because it only leaves one flight a day from Seattle to Guadalajara, but I obviously had to go through immigration, because I didn’t have a visa or a passport and I don’t know how to speak English either, ”he admitted.

He pointed out that it was a big problem for the airline because it is clear that they allowed an undocumented and illegal person to pass into the US territory and this should not happen.

“Volaris’s rep is very cool, really. He ran and carried my suitcase several times up the stairs. They acted, the truth, to be in a foreign land and not have any documents, they brought me a hundred,” he commented.

Even though they took his information, he said they told him it wasn’t considered anything illegal because he could spend 24 hours in foreign lands.

He added that in order to retrieve it, they went through it as only authorized personnel accompanied by a police officer could enter it; The boarding pass was printed inside, but she was always escorted to her seat.

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