Health will monitor the latrines of the displaced to Uganda upon their return – Community

Health will monitor the latrines of the displaced to Uganda upon their return – Community

The Ministry of Health will monitor the return of displaced health and humanitarian workers to Uganda to Spain, as the Ebola outbreak that has left 141 infections and 55 deaths since September appears to have subsided and the risks for EU countries remain “extremely low”. .

However, the Coordination Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES) monitors the situation on a daily basis through epidemiological intelligence activities and continues to review existing protocols for work and infection management, as well as health and hospital capacities in order to manage potential imported cases, including coordination with a network of units. High level insulation.

CCAES states in the situation report it was updated on Monday, that it has contacted NGOs for updated information on health workers and other humanitarian aid professionals who have been or will be assigned to affected areas and to establish their monitoring once. They have returned to Spain.

As it did in its first report on 8 November, it continues to consider that the potential for exposure among EU/EEA nationals living in or traveling to affected areas of Uganda is “very low” and that the population impact of the disease and the current risk to them are “low”.

The most likely route of introduction of the virus into these countries, including Spain, is through infected people coming from affected areas or from medical evacuations of cases.

This is what happened, for example, in 2014 with the religious Miguel Pajares or Manuel García Vigo, who died a few days after he was taken to Spain from Liberia; The nurse who treated the second, Teresa Romero, became infected.

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