Shooting in a supermarket in the north of the United States kills 10 | international | News

At least ten people were killed in a shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, according to local police who announced the arrest of the attacker.

According to a brief message from the city police department, The event was held at Tops Supermarket near downtown BuffaloIt is a city located in the far north of New York State.

Several people were shot. Shooter in custody.” The police wrote in a message on Twitter without providing details of his number or status. It is known that there are more wounded.

The identity of the arrested suspect was also not revealed.

New York Governor Jathy Hochhol wrote a tweet confirming that she is closely following what happened and that she has provided support to local forces.

However, the official did not give further details.

According to a witness, citing ABC7 Between 20 and 30 gunshots were heard. (me)

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