Shooting operations bring justice and the “RedSticks” team beat the United States

Shooting operations bring justice and the “RedSticks” team beat the United States

TheThe Spanish absolute women’s field hockey team defeated the United States in a penalty shootout (1-1/4-2), in The first two encounters will be measured in Antwerp (Belgium)this weekend, on a new day in the FIH Pro League.

The meeting started evenly as both contestants put on an impressive physical display on the Belgian green. But little by little, Spain was getting dangerously close to the opposing goal. shred, A first penalty kick for Adrian Locke and a shot by the North American goalkeeperCountless Hispanic opportunities throughout the 60 minutes began to play.

However, a penalty kick in favor of today’s visitors, became the primary goal of the conflict, work Alia Marshall (0-1, minute 27). The RedSticks, despite the setback, have tried to balance the score before the break, something they can achieve Georgina Olivaafter the stroke embodiment (1-1, min 29).

Beat the Equator, in the same scenario that happened for the past 30 minutes. Those who wear red today show their superiority over their competitor in new occasions. first electrician Pego GarciaBut her last shot went over the goalkeeper.

The second after a hard shot from Laya Vidosawhich collided with the foot of a lifeguard from cancer Kelsey Oaks. Two new corner kicks, well defended by those Greg DrakeThey did nothing more than reassert a dominance that did not translate into new goals.

With everything set, the last room was entered. Time it took again, three times, the match to a penalty. But those from the “stars and stripes” were again firm to avoid changes to the scoreboard.

A penalty kick in the other area was a mirage for some Spaniards who continued to live in the opponent’s area, which created a new opportunity for a penalty kick and also Late throw from Laura Barrios hit the post.

Therefore, the meeting will finally decide the exchange of fire, and where Good performance by Melanie Garcia and goals by Xantal Gin, Laura Barrios, Belén Iglesias and Flor Amundson Teveswho was named player of the match, ended up doing justice for Spain.

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