Snow continues to fall heavily due to the winter storm in the United States


More than 50 million people are alert for snow or ice winter weather, which stretches from Texas to New Jersey. Photo: EFE.

An ice eruption extends from Dallas, Texas, to New York City, But meteorologists say the heat is finally on the horizon in the southeast.

Friday’s storm is concentrated on the coast, With
Heavy rain in North and South Carolina, icy mix in
Central Atlantic and snow from New Jersey to Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, a severe freeze warning is in effect
Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi, with freezing temperatures.

According to national meteorologists, the frosts are expected to rise
In the afternoon and evening, when temperatures begin to rise slowly
during the Weekend.

Meanwhile, this morning about 200,000 homes in Texas
Recovering electrical energy, after severe outages
Sources said that snow has fallen in recent days in large areas of the country

Millions of people do not have clean water in their homes And the
Residents reported looking for food or bottled water
They found in stores with empty shelves and long lines.

When firefighters broke into an apartment building
In the San Antonio area on Thursday, Their efforts hindered
By taps frozen.

Extreme cold in recent days has caused many homes
Freezing and rupture of the main tubes And residential water,
Creating a mess for the facility, explained Toby Baker, director
Executive Director of the Texas Environmental Quality Commission.

The state works with the federal government to integrate them
Mobile laboratories to help solve the problem.

Tonight I called Governor Greg Abbott to discuss the situation
Present in Texas and identifying the ways in which we can support
President Joe Biden said in Cairo: “He is recovering from this storm.”
Your Twitter account.

I made it clear to the governor that I would work tirelessly to have him
A country has what they need. “

This air emergency has followed a death before At least 26 peopleAmong them, 3 died in accidents related to carbon monoxide, in addition to A.
Driver who collided with a snow plow.

At least 20 cities were known to have suffered from the temperatures
The coldest in its history is last Tuesday, February 16th.

According to the National Weather Service (NWS for its acronym for
English), nearly 2,000 injury records were already shattered last week

Ice accumulations of more than 1 cm can load power lines and trees by more than 225 kg. Photo: EFE.

(With information from Ansa)

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