“It wouldn’t be impossible to defeat the United States”: Hiram Chino-Lopez


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Beautiful, they are.Former national team Hiram “Chino” Lopez It is considered that “Tricolor” will have a difficult mission in FIBA ​​window for Puerto Rico, although it will not be impossible to defeat the United States.

Today, the Mexican basketball team will go through a very complex test against the American team, which will have a strong team to lead all Stars From the NBA Joe Johnson Isaier Thomas.

Lopez was a champion with the Mexican basketball team in Cocaba In 2009, in addition to winning a silver medal in 2011 Pan-American Games Guadalajara.

As a good Mexican, I know we have a good claw, we will always fight and play hard, the national team did not have time to train, it is difficult but not impossible led by Gustavo Ion and they are under Sonoran as I prepared as Omar QuinteroHiram Lopez said.

I think Alejandro has a lot of future, and he may not have the experience he gained in Europe like Gustavo Ion or Garibai, and he may not see many minutes, but when he enters the stadium, he will undoubtedly show the great talent he has.“, he added.

Another Sonoran who has traveled with “Tricolor” who will be looking for minutes in the FIBA ​​window is the hub Alejandro ReinaWho plays at Olímpico LB Club League “A” Argentina.

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