Strange creature found in Sydney. The video has gone viral

Strange creature found in Sydney.  The video has gone viral
The creature appeared on a street in Sydney, Australia. Photo: Getty Images/Illustration.

a Videouploaded to Instagramleaving more than one user of Social media Because you see in it a strange creature on a street in SydneyAustralia.

In the recording, which collects thousands of copies, it was noted that someone touches the immovable creature with a stick. So far, the debate in the networks has focused on what could be rare items.

The strange creature has no legs except what appears to be a long torso and eyes that left more than stunned.

strange creature on sydney street

Diverse opinions can be read in the comments to the video, from those who see clearly fetus For an animal, even some who assert that it could be a creature from another planet.

The person responsible for the download video to instagram He did not give further details of his discovery and merely wrote: “I found this on the way, what the hell is this?”

english diary independent He reported the finding and stated that a biologist, identified as Elie Elisa, who also shared the photo, could not shed light on questions about the species’ origin.

Some claim that it is a possum fetus that can reach this place because of high rain that hit Australia recently.

March, Australia’s mass evacuation month

On Thursday, March 3, the Australian emergency services ordered evacuation More than 200,000 people were killed due to the encroachment of a powerful storm that caused devastating floods and left 13 people dead last week, while the city of Sydney She was saved from the dreaded flood.

Authorities issued severe rain and wind warnings for a 400-kilometre coastal strip that includes suburban areas in the country Sydneythe biggest Australian cityWhere 5 million people live.

The unpredictable storm has moved south from Queensland to New South Wales, leaving behind devastation from surging rivers and reservoirs that caused severe flooding, with towns covered to the surface.

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