Subliminal messages arriving on Netflix, what do they mean?

Subliminal messages arriving on Netflix, what do they mean?

Browse Netflix Catalog, I came across some very strange messages that caught my attention. These messages read: “open your eyes”, “My unconventional life”, “Are you” s “You are not special.” When I saw them for the first time, I was somewhat stunned, as I couldn’t understand what they meant.

At first, I imagined that they were nothing more, no less than Netflix series, documentaries, or movies that were to arrive To the podium soon, but when we dive deep into it, I realize it The thing wasn’t going that way.

Subconscious messages detected on Netflix are causing controversy among users

Open your eyes Netflix

As if it was an episode of The Simpsons, where Krusty the clown was canceled, and they announced with great fanfare the arrival of a TV show called “Gabo”, Users who discovered these messages started assuming pretty crazy theories About them.

One of those speculations said so Netflix was preparing its audience to make a horror movie or series, Which is not verifiable in any way. Other theories put forward by some users on Reddit indicated this These letters refer to April 1Which is the date April Fools’ Day is celebrated in the United States, which might make sense, because these messages are also written in English.

You are your Netflix

The truth is We don’t know exactly what the Netflix goal is With posting messages: “My unconventional life”, “Are you” s “You are not special” Within the content streaming platform. Moreover, there are users that claim this More messages of the same pattern can be found, Although some are in other languages ​​and even in symbols that no one has been able to decipher.

What do these subliminal messages from Netflix mean?

My life is not orthodox

Based on what we were able to investigate, These subconscious messages mean nothing at allAt least for now. It can be related to simplicity Jokes made by some workers inside the company, Or to some kind of content that has not yet been announced.

If you are interested in seeing these messages With your own eyes, You can do this from the Netflix app For Android, iOS, Android TV or any platform compatible smart TV. Even if you wish, you can use the web version of Netflix for PC, because you can also find these subliminal messages. Moreover, you can take advantage of this “continent” Get in tune and enjoy the best scary movies Netflix has to offer.

You are not affiliated with Netflix

It should be noted that according to what we were able to find on social networks, these messages did not arrive with the Netflix premieres of May, as the first user who found them was based in the United States at the end of April 2021.

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