STA is the BEST NETFLIX movie to watch on Sunday May 30th. Stallone Classic


Time to give the call a chance To Netflix It’s here, this Sunday is perfect for spending time with family and a movie, which one is the best classic? Not long ago, through the Los Gatos, California platform, all films derived from Rocky, the 1976 movie, were included. Sylvester Stallone And make it one of my favorites Hollywood.

What do you watch on Netflix on Sunday?

The recommendation this time comes from a movie that, with just a million dollar investment, has raised more than 200 times its value ($ 225 million), 10 Academy Award nominations and 10 statues for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Installation.

Also, it should be noted that Stallone He was the writer and hero who had a hand Rocky Balboa A young man of Italian descent who became a champion of boxing, produced a whole series of successful films with five sequels: Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Rocky V, Rocky Balboa and two. Role: Creed and Creed 2; The latter is also available on Netflix.

But there is nothing better than going to the origins, and while you may have already seen Rocky, this is an opportunity to see her again and understand how this low-cost movie has become a milestone in American cinema, to raise the profile of an actor’s career. , To win an enormous sum of money, to put Stallone into the Boxing Hall of Fame without being an athlete in this branch and above all he is chosen to keep himl United States Library of Congress National Film Registry For being “culturally, historically and aesthetically significant”.

Use this Sunday to watch Rocky and if you want to follow you then that will be yours


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