US movie chains that won’t require a mask for those vaccinated against COVID-19 – Telemundo San Diego (20)


LOS ANGELES – Major US theater chains announced Friday that they will no longer need to wear a mask for viewers who have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

AMC, the largest chain of cinemas in the United States, said in a statement that the decision is in line with the easing of measures against the pandemic drafted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

He explained, “Fully vaccinated viewers will not be required to wear masks in AMC theaters, unless this is required by state or local regulations.”

AMC also clarified that those who are not vaccinated should wear a mask when they go to see a movie.

Regal and Cinemark, which are respectively the second and third largest in the US movie chain, have announced measures similar to those of AMC.

After the pandemic devastated 2020 for cinemas, the exhibition sector hopes to overcome the situation in 2021, which, thanks to vaccines, has brought the country closer to a situation increasingly similar to the normal before the Coronavirus.

The film will open in June in theaters and HBO Max.

Hollywood studios are also hoping to make money this year and release several films that have delayed their big-screen premiere until the pandemic is under control.

Thus, this weekend’s films such as Disney’s “Cruella” and the film’s lead, Emma Stone, will appear on the billboard. Or the horror of “A Quiet Place Part Two” by Emily Blunt.

Additionally, during the month of June, highly anticipated films will be presented such as the Latin musical “In the Heights”, which is based on the rendition of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s anthology. Or the ninth part of the thrilling and successful Fast & Furious action saga, titled F9.

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