Summary and results of the Winter Olympics | Beijing 2022, the tenth round

Summary and results of the Winter Olympics |  Beijing 2022, the tenth round

Valeeva paralyzes the podiums

There will be no medal ceremony at the figure skating team event, If Camila Valeeva reached the podium in the singles event, the situation would be repeated. It will continue to be so until the facts are fully clarified, as indicated by the IOC through an official four-point statement, as set out below.

One. In the interests of fairness to all athletes and participants, It would not be appropriate to hold a medal ceremony for a figure skating team event During the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, it will include an athlete who has, on the one hand, an A-sample, but whose anti-doping rule violation has not been identified, on the other.

two. if it was Ms. Valieva ranked first among the top three competitors in the women’s singles skating eventNo flower ceremonies or medal ceremonies will take place during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

3. The International Olympic Committee requests the International Skating Union (ISU), for reasons of fairness, to Allow the 25th competitor to participate in the free skating portion of the event on February 17Should Ms. Valeeva be ranked 24th in the short program on February 15th.

four. The International Olympic Committee, in consultation with the athletes and stakeholders, Organizing ceremonies worthy of awarding medals once they are completed The case of Mrs. Valeeva.

Photo: Sebastien Buzon, AFP

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