“Sure” not “certainly”

“Sure” not “certainly”

expression “certainly”which is used with verbs such as “assure,” “know,” “say,” “identify,” or “know,” is always written in its singular form, not in the plural, he explains. Fundeu Guzman Ariza.

However, phrases such as “today we can say with certainty that we are in the midst of a positive transformation” usually appear in the Dominican media, “the actions announced yesterday were recurring in the efforts of the previous government, although unknown, for sure. , effectiveness they have” or “take several samples in the temporary deposit of CTPC ash to ascertain its chemical composition…”.

The “Spanish DictionaryThe expression registers certainly scientific and certainly scientific diversity, which means ‘certainly, undoubtedly.’ It is an adverbial phrase, distinguished by its fixed grammatical structure, and therefore its elements remaining constant.

Therefore, in the examples cited, it was appropriate to write “Today we can say with certainty that we are in the midst of a positive turn,” “The actions announced yesterday were repeated in previous government departments, although they are not well known.” for certain. The efficacy they have” and “several samples were taken in the temporary deposit of CTPC ash to determine its chemical composition with certainty…”.

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