Surprising Japan makes America sweat تت

Surprising Japan makes America sweat تت

Japan, the surprise of the women’s basketball tournament at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics that beat France on the first day, made the capable United States sweat (86-69), which forced the host to put in an effort until the third quarter to get their title. The second win.

With intense defense forced 11 losses for the Americans and a great initial success in their stadiums This later eased, the Japanese team made the North American team run, buoyed by their strong indoor game, led by A’ja Wilson with a “double double” of 20 points and 10 rebounds and Brittney Griner (15 and 5), and with outstanding Breanna Stewart, too With double figures of 15 points, 13 rebounds and 6 assists.

The Japanese team that really surprised France won it 74-70 With his three-point shot success – they scored 11 of 27 hat-tricks, and a 40% success – he came to end the first quarter ahead (28-30) and went on to third, with Mai Takada (15 points). ) and Saki Hayase (12) as the top scorer.

And that the Americans started overwhelmingly, with a partial 7-0 against a Japanese team as cold as the air conditioning in the Saitama Super Arena, who needed time to fine-tune their attack, but for Rui Machida (9 points and 11 assists at the end.) the Japanese team moved shorter distances (17-14 min 5).

If the duel will be a competition for success, Japan clearly presented its credentials. The hosts hit 6 out of 10 in the first period and forwarded the email 3 times in the last minute: two for Monica Okoye, a Japanese-Nigerian woman, and one from Saori Miyazaki for an abrupt 28-30 finish. quarter.

The intense defense when the ball went off the Japanese put the American bases in trouble. Dawn Staley’s team had to look for quick transfers for A’ja Wilson or Britney Griner’s dominance of the heights to partly throttle 9-3 to distance themselves from the strong Japanese team (43-36, min 16).

Although Machida and her comrades are hurt, The US team dominated the first half (49-40)., under the eyes of his fellow males in the deserted stands of Saitama.

Getting into the locker room didn’t change the dynamics: the US had to suffer on every point, with Wilson -8 for the Las Vegas Aces only -8 in this third quarter—the key that opened the doors to the Japanese defense (61)-52, the minimum 27). With this recipe, the North Americans gained a twelve-point advantage that seemed like a treasure to face the last quarter (65-53).

Silvia Fowles Hit from the inside to protect the entry of the Stars and Stripes team, but Japan followed up with ten dangerous points (74-64, minute 35). Stewart’s basket, a safe value throughout the game, and straight triples from Diana Torassi and Sue Bird, put the lock on the duel, with 82-64 at 2.55 from the end.

the Final score, 86-69, puts to United State Practically in the quarter-finals before facing France on the last day, on Monday 2. The worthy Japan also has the quarter-finals on hand: they will have to beat Nigeria on Monday itself.

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