T-MEC: Mexico and the United States resolve a dispute over Panasonic

T-MEC: Mexico and the United States resolve a dispute over Panasonic

Mexico has positively resolved the request made by the United States under the T-MEC Rapid Response Action Mechanism Request to review a possible labor breach at the Panasonic plant in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

Thus, the formation of an arbitration committee to review the case is avoided, after a vote is taken as a result of a dialogue between the union and the company to elect the union body that would represent the collective bargaining agreement.

In addition to achieving Salary increased by 9.5%, 19 people returned to their jobs with lost wages paid, unnecessarily withheld union dues, and omitted payments to workers for union activity.

With these measures and nearly two months after the US government activated the Mexico-US-Canada Treaty (T-MEC) mechanism to demand the right of workers of Panasonic Automotive Systems of Mexico (Panasonic), the Economics and Labor secretariat confirmed that “the mechanism has been successfully concluded”.

“The capacity for dialogue and the commitment that the union and the company must reach an agreement in accordance with Mexican labor legislation stands out…within the 45 calendar-day period established by the treaty for an internal investigation by the Government of Mexico,” they said.. the secretariats in a statement.

In addition to emphasizing “the right of the hard-working to choose the union that best represents their interests and to participate in collective bargaining through personal, free, secret and direct voting.”



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