Who are the business men and women who had breakfast with AMLO in Washington? – Finance

Who are the business men and women who had breakfast with AMLO in Washington?  – Finance

Businessmen from Mexico and the United States met with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in Washington during Mexico-US CEO DialogueThe President announced $40 billion in investments by 2024 in our country.

The president also called for accelerating integration as a region in North America, according to Foreign Relations Secretary Marcelo Ebrard.

The issue of energy was a priority at the meeting, as revealed by the group photo published by the Mexican president on his Twitter account, which highlights the presence of businessmen from the sector such as Tania Ortiz Mina, from IEnova-Sembra; Jeff Martin, President of Sempra Energy, and Minister of Energy, Rossio Nahle.

President Lopez Obrador held a dialogue in Washington with businessmen to accelerate trade and industrial cooperation between Mexico and the United States. The energy sector is key Its growth must be orderly. “Investments have been signed,” he said on Twitter.

Meeting at the Mexican Cultural Institute, the meeting was attended by Carlos Slim, President for Life of Grupo Carso, and Francisco Cervantes Diaz, President of the Council for Coordination of Business (CCE).

“We are in the full spirit of cooperation in the bilateral agenda between Mexico and the United States. The business sector has already put on the table the proposals that we will be promoting to strengthen the trade relationship between the two countries,” published the Leader of the Center for Continuing Education.

These are some of the names of businessmen and women who accompanied the president in Washington, DC


  1. Tania Ortiz Mina, from Innova-Simbra.
  2. Neil Herrington, Senior Vice President of the American Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Jeff Martin, CEO of Sempra Energy
  4. Arturo Saval, President of Nexxus Capital
  5. Guillermo Vogel, CEO of Tenaris and head of the Mexico CEO Dialogue.
  6. Carlos Slim, President for Life at Grupo Carso
  7. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President of Mexico
  8. Francisco Cervantes Diaz, President of the Coordinating Council for Business (CCE)
  9. Ken Salazar, US Ambassador to Mexico
  10. Patrick Otensemer, President and CEO of Southern Kansas City
  11. Gina Diez Barroso, President and CEO of Grupo Diarq
  12. Antonio del Valle Peruchina, President of the Mexican Business Council
  13. Tatiana Kluther, Minister of Economy
  14. Victor Villalobos, Minister of Agriculture
  15. Rossio Nahle, Minister of Energy.
  16. Marcelo Ebrard, Secretary of State
  17. Roberto Velasco, Head of the North American Unit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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