Taiwan fires warning shots at Chinese drone – El Financiero

Taiwan fires warning shots at Chinese drone – El Financiero

Taiwan It seems to have challenged BeijingThe Taiwanese military fired warning shots at a Chinese drone that was flying over an area between the two countries, Reuters news agency reported.

This is the For the first time, Taiwan opened warning fire on ChinaAccording to the agency.

After this incident was reported, US-listed Chinese stocks fell on Tuesday.

China’s Nasdaq Gold Dragon is down as much as 1.8 percent, putting it on track for a third day of losses.

Among the US-listed Chinese stocks that fell this morning were Tencent (1.6 percent), Alibaba (2.4 percent), BYD, jd.comand Pinduoduo and some others.

Taiwan’s president on Tuesday called on the military units on the autonomous island to remain calm in the face of China’s daily flights of fighter planes and warship maneuvers, arguing that Taiwan will not allow Beijing to provoke conflict.

China maintained military pressure from Taiwan In the weeks following US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei in early August.

Beijing initially responded with large military maneuvers in the waters and skies near Taiwan. Missiles were fired at the island, some of which landed in the Japanese economic zone, which was considered a dangerous escalation, while warships and planes were sent towards the island in great numbers.

President Tsai Ing-wen said Taiwan should remain moderate despite daily pressure from China.

“The more provocative the enemy soldiers, the more stable we should be. We will not allow those on the opposite shores to fabricate a conflict with an inappropriate pretext,” he said during a visit to the naval station in Pinggu, an archipelago of several dozen islands off the west coast of Taiwan.

China accuses US and Taiwanese “separatist forces” Create instability by rejecting Beijing’s claim to sovereignty over the island.

“The attempt of Taiwan independence forces to seek foreign support, including the United States, for independence is the source of the current tensions across the Taiwan Strait,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a daily press briefing in Beijing.

With information from Reuters, Bloomberg and The Associated Press.

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