Tamale cake or “guajulota” is considered one of the worst foods in the world, according to the ranking

Tamale cake or “guajulota” is considered one of the worst foods in the world, according to the ranking

Mexico City. – According to the portal specialized in food, Atlas tasteTamale cake or “guajulota” It has been ranked as one of the worst meals in the world.

The publication released the world’s top 50 worst street foods, last updated on March 14, placing this Mexican dish at number 36.

According to the site, the ranking is done through a survey; However, it does not specify the methodology used.

Guajolota – which consists of a bolillo cut in half and a tamale inside. It is the only Mexican food in the top 50until the last ranking update.

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Top 10 of the worst foods in the world:

10.- Macon / Turkey

9.- Donkey Burger / Chinese

8.- Puffed Taco / United States

7.- Bonn / Columbia

6.- Kozu Kelly / Turkey

5.- Okoshi / Japan

4.- Nisipal / Netherlands

3.- Plot / Philippines

2.- Big Ass Ant / Columbia

1.- The fried spider / Asian continent

Tamale cake, also known as turkey, is a typical preparation of Mexico City It consists of a cake (i.e., a Polillo, Telera or other type of white bread) stuffed with tamales which is corn dough cooked in water or steamed.

It is considered a popular “antijojito,” meaning Mexican street food, and is usually eaten for breakfast.

It costs about 17 (Mexican) pesos and at its points of sale it is usually accompanied by atole, a concoction popularly known as “guajolocumbo”.

They are found at subway exits, parks and busy avenues across the city, ready at the time they are ordered and consumed in front of the kiosk or on the way to work.

There are different types or flavors of tamales that you can fill with turkey:

Green tamales

Oxacan tamale

Sweet tamale

Rajas tamales

Fried tamales

Mole tamale

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