The pretext for intervention is repeated by other governments in Mexico, where Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has held the presidency since 2018. In that country, the press is also under pressure from state and municipal governments. Many media outlets live on more than 50% of official advertisements, a circumstance that becomes a censorship tool: if you criticize the government, it overrules the guideline.

Send that boss US diplomatic note To protest the funding of the Mexicanos Contra la Corrupción y la Impunidad for $250,000. He also accused the Article 19 Association of obtaining money in the same way. Both work for freedom of the press.

This funding makes sense. Indeed, in the crisis of the sustainability of quality journalism, various international cooperation programs have served as a refuge, especially for specializations in inspection and investigation. These are resources from the European Union, and cooperation from Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States, among others. But as in the traditional business model of commercial media, these resources do not have obligations to the media in terms of their content, beyond allowing them to operate without restrictions. Its quality is the best independence seal.

like he said CONNECTAS Journalist Silber Meza in Mexico “There is declarative harassment from the presidency. Just as the federal government has reduced invitations to newsrooms so that nothing is published, since the morning conferences the president has sought to end the credibility of the media and journalists he does not see with good eyes. The danger is that self-censorship will increase for fear of lynching.”

In Nicaragua, the loss of prestige is also the responsibility of the media center “which operates a propaganda machine that distributes hate messages,” says a Nicaraguan journalist. In his words, the government not only alienates, criminalizes and imprisons the independent press, but invents its own channels “in part, thanks to its raids and the use of the police or mobs of their supporters to steal their equipment”.

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