Teacher training. science | Dialect

Teacher training.  science |  Dialect

The skills a future Bachelor of Education graduate – who should be among the promoters of the already inevitable great leap in education quality – must include rigorous scientific training. This is independent of whether it will be a teacher in which grade or primary or secondary area. Which means that science should be an essential part of public education.

On the pretext of so-called disciplinary training, we cannot allow a graduate of a Bachelor of Education to be at the same time practically ignorant of everything else. With the development of fourth or postgraduate level, which is already a potential requirement, it is appropriate to avoid the assumed majors in the degree at the wrong time.

It is possible that from a Bachelor of Education and depending on the appropriate curriculum design, it is possible that a person or education specialist is able to perform successfully in any degree and any subject can be achieved.

Scientific competencies involving knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes in various disciplines must correspond to different levels of mathematics; Natural sciences that must include various levels of physics, chemistry and biology, the latter with a derivation also towards the study of the environment. In addition to the social sciences to be understood separately or integrated economics, anthropology, history and geography.

A science block considered in this way is feasible for up to a total of 160 fewer credit hours in any of the cases than specified in Regulation 9-15 of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology-MESCyT. For example, out of a total of 160 credits, approximately 45 credits can be estimated for the science group.

Other blocks of the study plan awaiting its breakdown will correspond to educational theory and practice, and learning theory including neurobiological and neuropsychological underpinnings; Methods and techniques of studies and research, communicative competencies and the field of language and technological competencies.

As on this occasion we are developing in relation to scientific competencies from what has been described and it can already be understood that the Bachelor of Education will be oriented to be a professional in the most comprehensive and rigorous preparation.

Can! And the rank of high duty has already been attained before the nation for which there are sufficient financial resources, to make the Bachelor of Education one of the most respected professions and which corresponds to the great task of creating the foundations of all other professions and trades, on the basis of their highest qualifications

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